ICICI Bank has launched its own Facebook page

ICICI Bank has launched its own Facebook page that lets users take care of their banking needs right from their FB accounts. The page features a Your Bank Account app that gives direct access to your ICICI account. The SSL-based app ensures security while letting users check account details, view mini-statements, and request cheque books. Apart from providing customer support and ATM locations, the page also provides mobile banking options and special offers.

Rumour: iPhone 5 Will Be Made Of "Liquidmetal"

Apple could be making the upcoming iPhone 5 using “Liquidmetal” technology. The iPhone-maker had recently acquired rights to use Liquid Metal alloy from California-based Liquidmetal Technologies. Liquid Metal instantly reminds most of us of the Sci-Fi blockbuster Terminator 2, in which the antagonist is a shape-shifting android who melts into a liquid metal that appears like mercury. We are assuming that the new alloy will probably give the new device similar looks with smooth curves, and a design without any sharp edges; yet another hint at a unibody design.

PlayBook Prices Slashed

BlackBerry-maker RIM has decided to slash prices further. Originally priced at Rs 38,000 for the 64 GB variant, it was until recently sold for Rs 24,500, before getting another 18% price cut. While the 64 GB tab is now available for just Rs 20,000, the16 GB version will cost as tad bit higher at Rs 14,000 as opposed to the earlier offer price of Rs 13,500. The device was originally being sold at a much higher Rs 27,990. You can buy the 64 GB version from Flipkart at the new price, with the 16 GB version retailing at Rs 14350. BlackBerry Mini Keyboard, complete with a touchpad especially for its tablet. However, the $120 (around Rs 6000) accessory is not available in India as of now.

Apply For Voter ID Card Online – India

A Voter ID card is considered an important identity document for several purposes in India. It can serve as a photo identity in several situations such as when applying for a loan, at a domestic airport, to open a bank account, and so on. If you do not have one, getting one is easy. We will show you one method involving most of the steps online.Jaagore.com has taken an initiative to help any person in India register his/her vote in the simplest way possible. The first step they have taken is to help you acquire a voter ID card, which is one of the documents useful during voting.

Open to apply Voter ID card:  www.jaagore.com/vote


Download Skype 1.0 – Windows Phone

Skype has finally landed on the Windows Phone platform, and is now ready to be downloaded from the Marketplace. Although the private beta version has been available in some countries for the last two months, it was plagued with many bugs. The app allows you to make calls, video chat, and IM other Skype users, for free. Additionally, Skype claims to offers low-cost VOIP calls to landline number.

Indiagames Launches IPL Cricket Fever

Official IPL 5 game is available for Android, iOS, and Java.
UTV Indiagames has launched the official IPL season 5 game, named IPL Cricket Fever for Android, iOS, and Java-based mobile phones. The game will feature all the nine official IPL teams – Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings, Deccan Chargers, Delhi Daredevils, King XI Punjab, Kolkata Knight Riders, Rajasthan Royals, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and Pune Warriors India, along with most of their players.

The game is said to offer three playing modes including Quick match, Powerplay, and IPL tournament. In the IPL tournament mode, users can play the entire IPL series as per the televised schedule, set in 4 stadiums and 3 difficulty levels.
Touchscreen device users can control the game dynamics, including batting shots such as the reverse sweep, scoop, and as well as bowl in a variety of styles with better precision.

India Bans Popular Filesharing Websites

RapidShare, Megaupload and others blocked by the Department of Telecom.
There has been no official announcement from either the ISPs or the Department of Telecom (DoT) on the ban. I encountered the same static page with MTNL and Airtel when I tried accessing the filesharing websites earlier in the day. Interestingly, various filesharing portals have been banned and unbanned intermittently since last night across different ISPs. As of this writing, I found both MTNL and Airtel to have lifted the ban. However, there is no saying if and when then ban will recur.

Although users can bypass the ban with proxies (by enabling Opera Turbo in the Opera browser, for example), it’s still ridiculous for the DoT to infringe upon users’ rights. Forums are abuzz with various conspiracy theories, including one that cites Bollywood lobbying for the ban under the pretext of piracy.

Google’s Tablet Debut Pushed Back To July

Efforts to reduce production costs touted as the main reason for the delay.
The launch date of its first co-branded Android device has been pushed further from its original May deadline, because the company is trying to tweak the device. Apparently, it is trying to change the design to lower the cost from the current $250 (Rs 12,800). 
The company is reportedly targeting a price tag between $150 (Rs 7700) and $200 (Rs 10,200) to compete against Amazon‘s similarly priced Kindle Fire. Apple is also planning to launch a smaller version of the iPad, sporting a 7.85″ screen for a lower price, hence that is surely being taken into consideration by Google.