Beware – Facebook users who have started using the Timeline feature

It is not unusual for Facebook users who have started using the Timeline feature, to feel the urge to get back to the old look. To exploit this, there are two scams that are making rounds of the social network, posing as tools that help users removing the Timeline feature. One of the scams encourages users to install a browser plug-in that claims to “remove” FB Timeline from their profiles. Once clicked, you are taken to a website with a Turkish domain. It is not yet known in what way it exploits user data.
 Another application known as Facebook Timeline Remover seems to do this in a different way. Unsuspecting users are invited to complete a collection of surveys, before it proceeds to “help” them in a similar manner. Interestingly, there is a warning message just below the app page that states, “Please be aware of using or installing any “similar software”, as those might just harm your computer”, which is obviously the developer’s attempt to gain the users’ trust by portraying the app to be legit. This scam has been doing the rounds since January this year and it still seems to be going strong. Users are requested to not fall prey to such scams, as they risk exposing their private data to crammers who will use it to their advantage.