Perfect Resume – 5 Tools

A few tools on the internet can come to your rescue. Read on to find out which one suits you best.

1. CV MakerRegistration is Optional. The interface is quite easy to work with, and you don’t really need to bother about what the final output will look like. All you need to do is key in your details in the specified boxes. You can also add more fields to make your resume position-specific. You will have to create an account with the website. Downloading however, can be done without logging in. The web portal also provides reference links to help you build your resume.
2.Resumizer:  Registration is Optional, The Resumizer is probably the most impressive service of the lot. Once on the home page, you can pick from several resume styles to create your biodata. The service also lets you add additional documents to your profile including a covering letter, business cards, reference letters, thank you notes, and a resignation letter too. You can choose to register with the service, or use the website without creating an account as well.
3. Online CV: Registration is Not required If you are looking at something really simple and uncomplicated, then this service is perfect for you. The interface is really interesting and very easy to navigate. As far as the final output is concerned, CV very bland, but the document is saved in the PDF format, which means you cannot edit it any further. You can import it into word, but that’s too much work, especially when there are more effective alternatives to choose from.
4. ReadWriteThink’s Resume Generator: Registration is Not required. This interactive tool lets you pick between an old-school style traditional resume and a functional one for someone with fairly decent work experience. You can save the rtm file to edit the file later, or you can save the final file and edit it in a word processor instead. You can also create cover letters, business notes, and personal mails using the service as well.
5. How To Write A Resume.net: Registration is not Required. An interesting website, this service lets you use your existing Google, Facebook, AOL, or Yahoo! account to create your resume. Alternatively, you can also create an account with the website instead. Once you key in all the required details, you can change the resume template to suit your needs. It also lets you generate a reference letter, in addition to creating a cover letter, which makes it a complete package.