Google AdWords

Google AdWords is one of the greatest success stories of our time. AdWords has made the Internet highly profitable, both for Google and for many AdWords advertisers.The success of AdWords has also encouraged others to find ways of making money. 
Google has recently introduced a new feature, Google Instant. With Google Instant, Google uses predictive search—that is, it guesses what the user is going to enter, based on whatever characters he’s already typed. This tends to steer users toward popular results.

Google Instant is a predictive search capability that makes search faster by guessing what the users are going to enter as their search query. It’s turned on by default in Google Search, but users can turn it off. (From the main Google search page, click Settings- >Search Settings. Choose the radio button, Do Not Use Google
Instant, and click Save Preferences.) Early indications, though, are that most users like it and will leave it turned on.
Google AdWords is a huge opportunity for businesses and other organizations to improve their results from Google search, to increase sales, to try out new business ideas, and in general to make the Web friendlier.
AdWords is more straightforward and its results are easier to track. AdWords is also a good way to test SEO strategies before you implement them on your website. Don’t spend money on SEO without also considering whether you can get similar or better results through AdWords. If you hire an SEO consultant, consider searching for one who also knows how to use AdWords effectively.